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Late autumn with just a few leaves left on the trees
Cullen pier on a stormy day -Sold.
Boats moored in the bay - Sold

 Painting is a medium that allows me to interact with the world around me in a unique way. Through my art, I am able to capture the essence of my surroundings and express my emotions and thoughts in a visual form. It's a truly fulfilling experience that I cherish every time I pick up a brush.

 In the realm of painting, the utilization of colour is a fundamental aspect in establishing mood, depth, and visual intrigue. A well-crafted colour palette can elicit emotions and effectively communicate meaning within my artwork. By exploring various colour combinations and techniques, I can produce distinctive and captivating pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

I enjoy being surrounded by the most wonderful wide skies, fabulous seascapes and coastal scenery. I get motivated by things like light, movement and colour and all three combine in the many sailboats around this area. Painting is, I think my response to the effects of light and shade and the emotion it stirs within me. Most of my present work has to do with reflections of one kind or another but usually involving water and mists. Having moved to Skegness from Scotland I am enjoying experiencing the new light and shade this area offers.  Colours are warmer and the skies bigger which opens up a new world of seascapes and new reflections in the marshes and fens.


I joined Norfolk school of painting in 2022 and just lately I have been studying other artists work and have learned a great deal from this.  My painting style is evolving as a result of this and many of my pictures are evidence of this journey I am on.

Having developed an interest in still life, I am finding how to create a truly stunning still life painting. I think that mastering the art of capturing light reflections is absolutely essential. By carefully observing and skilfully rendering the way light interacts with my chosen objects, I can hopefully, bring my painting to life and create a sense of depth and realism that will captivate any viewers.  I think that confidently embracing the importance of light reflections will take anyone's still life paintings to the next level.

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